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Token Holders

See here for a list of $YGGSPL token holders.

Token Distribution

The following outlines the breakdown of the 2,000,000 (fixed supply) $YGGSPL tokens:

  • 15% (300,000 $YGGSPL) has been reserved for community incentives. Examples may include development of YGGSPL projects and player rewards. These incentives will be proposed and voted upon by the token holders in future governance votes.

  • 15% (300,000 $YGGSPL) will be kept in the YGGSPL treasury for future financial requirements of the YGG Splinterlands SubDAO. This treasury will controlled through future governance votes.

  • 10% (200,000 $YGGSPL) will be owned and controlled by the YGG DAO's main treasury.

  • 60% (1,200,000 $YGGSPL) will be sold to its active players, YGG badge holders, and general public in three distinct distribution events. Any unsold tokens will be deposited into the YGGSPL treasury for future use.

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