While the SubDAO ultimately retains ownership over its Splinterlands assets, the YGGSPL community will have control over how to maximize their utility within the game. For example, through governance votes, the player community may delegate or rent assets out for various purposes. This is designed to maximize the “skin-in-the-game” attitude and financial reward for $YGGSPL token holders, and incentivize the active player community to strive to maximize rewards while playing the game.

Guild members who are part of the SubDAO are invited to put forward suggestions about how to manage SubDAO assets, build the SubDAO community, or drive other initiatives. As suggestions gain traction within the community, they can be formalized into a YGGSPL proposal, which will be voted on by $YGGSPL token holders.


Voting will be handled via Snapshot, a widely-used web3 governance voting platform. Decisions will be based on the majority of votes and implemented through smart contracts or via YGGSPL leadership where required.

The YGGSPL Snapshot page can be found here.


YGGSPL members who are able to author Snapshot proposals are as follows:

  • antonine

  • Cryptowoody

  • Krympton

  • Nameless112

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