YGGSPL Streams

  • Into the Splinterlands: Wednesdays alternating between 6am ET and 10am ET (UTC-4)

  • Weekend Challenge North America: Saturdays at 10pm ET (UTC-4)

  • Weekend Challenge Europe/Asia: Saturdays at 9am CET (UTC+2)

Splinterlands TV

Several YGGSPL community members are regular streamers on Splinterlands TV. Check them out during these time slots:

  • RoguePatton: Mondays at 9-11pm ET (GMT-4) and Fridays at 5-7am ET (GMT-4)

  • Luthien: Fridays at 8-10pm ET (GMT-4) and Saturdays at 8-10pm ET (GMT-4)

  • Ape of WallStreet: Sundays and Mondays at 11pm-1am ET (GMT-4)

  • Synist3r: Saturdays at 11am-1am ET (GMT-4) and Sundays at 9-11pm ET (GMT-4)

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