Leadership Quest (S2)


Awarded for exemplary leadership in the YGGSPL community that benefits the entire SubDAO


  1. Must be a member of a Qualified Guild

  2. Must be awarded this quest by the Leader/Community Builder Panel

The YGGSPL Guild Leaders will select 3-5 panel members on the basis of their likelihood to complete this quest on their own merits. Panel members will automatically be eligible for this quest in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Specific guidelines for the quest will be developed and publicized by the Leadership Panel, but in general they will be responsible for recognizing and rewarding:

  • Going above and beyond the call of duty in service to the broader YGGSPL community

  • Assistance with the operations and administration of the YGGSPL subDAO

This quest has a reward pool consisting of 6000 YGG and 3600 YGGSPL tokens. There will be no max award for this quest. Quest rewards will be divided evenly among all members who meet the above criteria.

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