Governance committees have been established in order to streamline discussion and develop initiatives or proposals to be brought to governance votes. Each committee covers specific topics or SubDAO functions and has a snapshot-defined mandate.

The points below are not intended to be comprehensive, as new responsibilities may accrue to each committee as the broader Splinterlands ecosystem develops. When there is overlap between multiple committees' responsibilities, or initiatives that may benefit from input from multiple committees, collaboration between the relevant groups will be expected.

The current YGGSPL committees and their responsibilities are as follows:

Token Committee

The Token Committee is responsible for managing and driving value to the $YGGSPL token. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Developing community distribution initiatives to get the token into as many community members' wallets as possible

  • Defining Guild Advancement Program (GAP) reward pools and developing quests

  • Setting terms & conditions for sales or redemptions of the $YGGSPL token

  • Defining parameters for how $YGGSPL tokens will be used to lease SubDAO assets

eSports Committee

The eSports Committee is responsible for driving eSports initiatives and nurturing competitive gameplay within YGGSPL. Examples of this may include:

  • Defining parameters for SubDAO-sponsored tournaments, including reward pools, rulesets, and public/private availability

  • Developing programs to sponsor eSports players and/or teams with delegated SubDAO assets

  • Working with the Splinterlands team to help shape the future of an officially-sanctioned eSports scene

Reinvestment Committee

The Reinvestment Committee's primary mandate is to grow the SubDAO's assets. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Defining the SubDAO's asset allocation targets

  • Managing all Splinterlands assets owned by the SubDAO (excluding land)

  • Setting budgetary allocations for SubDAO revenue and periodically reviewing expenditures

  • Developing strategies for reinvesting SubDAO revenue into more Splinterlands assets

Land Committee

The Land Committee is responsible for managing the SubDAO's land holdings. This committee's mandate includes:

  • Ensuring SubDAO land is being managed efficiently (ensuring land is not left empty and/or unworked)

  • Defining the rights and responsibilities of $YGGSPL token holders who receive SubDAO land delegations

  • Developing strategies for the YGGSPL community to engage in collaborative land gameplay

  • Setting terms & conditions for sales or redemptions of SubDAO land plots

Committee Elections Process

YGGSPL committee members are elected to sit on committees for time-limited terms. This allows the DAO to maintain a rotation of fresh perspectives on its committees and allows the community to hold committee members accountable to staying engaged and active in their committee role.

Committee Elections

Elections will follow a two-step process:

  1. A three-day open discussion and nomination process, to be held in governance-discussions channel on the YGGSPL server, where any community member can nominate anyone (including themselves) to serve on a committee. Community members are encouraged to discuss and debate the relative merits of any nominees.

  2. A three-day snapshot vote using the Approval voting method. Token holders will vote for as many nominees as they think should serve on the committee, and the nominees with the highest stake-weighted vote totals will be seated.

Committee Parameters

  • Each committee will have 5 seats

  • New elections will be held within two weeks of the end of each GAP season, and committee members will serve for a term consisting of one full GAP season

Chair Elections

Once elected, each committee will select a committee chair (either by consensus or by voting if multiple members are put forward). Committee chairs will be responsible for:

  • Driving committee initiatives and leading discussions (including calling for a vote if discussion/debate has stagnated)

  • Creating monthly summaries of committee activity to share with the community

Chair Parameters

  • No individual can be the chair of a committee more than two terms in a row.

  • No individual can simultaneously serve as the chair of multiple committees.

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