Sage Quest (S1)


Awarded for incredible insight and knowledge in strategy and education for the community


  1. Must be a member of a Qualified YGG Guild (per the Founder Quest requirements)

  2. Create quality content for YGGSPL alliance members (as evaluated by a panel of people who are selected by the guild leaders) on the YGGSPL Discord

Sages may be proactive about creating content and starting discussions, but should also be available to answer questions and help members learn and improve. Examples of things that may qualify for awards can be found in the #gameplay-strategy and #economy-discussion channels, among others.

The Sage Panel is the final arbiter of what will be awarded under the above criteria. Guidelines will be developed and publicized by the panel. Content posted since the start of the YGGSPL Discord will be eligible for this quest.

This quest has a reward pool consisting of 3000 YGG and 3000 YGGSPL tokens. There will be no max award for this quest. Quest rewards will be divided evenly among all members who meet the above criteria.

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