Founder Quest (S1)

YGGSPL Founder

Awarded for building and leading a YGG Splinterlands guild

General Criteria

  1. Guild name includes a variation of "Yield Guild Games" or "YGG"

  2. Guild description includes the snapshot-approved description of YGG

  3. The Guild Leader owns a YGG Badge and holds 250 YGGSPL tokens or is sponsored by another Guild Leader who holds 250 YGGSPL tokens

  4. The Guild Leader is a member of both the YGG and YGGSPL Discord servers

  5. Guild has at least 10 members, none of whom are bots or alts

  6. Guild must have joined the YGGSPL Alliance at least one week prior to the GAP Season start

  7. The Guild Leader submits a Monthly Guild Report (MGR)

Brawl Criteria

  1. Brawls entered: 100%

  2. Average Fray fill rate: 90% (or 65% for F2P guilds)

  3. Average brawl rank: Top 5 for all but F2P (which has no requirements)

In order to qualify as a F2P guild, leaders must be sponsored by a qualified guild leader, and their members will not be eligible for any other Season 1 GAP quests. The above criteria will be evaluated at the end of the season, in order to allow guilds time to achieve the metrics above.

This quest has a reward pool consisting of 3000 YGG and 3000 YGGSPL tokens. There will be no max award for this quest. Quest rewards will be divided evenly among all members who meet the above criteria.

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