YGGSPL currently allocates 20% of the SubDAO's card rental revenue to marketing, which includes funding prizes for regularly scheduled tournaments.

Weekend Challenge

The Weekend Challenge are weekly live tournaments for aspiring eSports players who don't have the funding to compete in the top leagues (yet). These tournaments are live streamed on YGGSPL's Twitch and YouTube channels, where a rotating cast of hosts will review matches, discuss the latest Splinterlands news, and host guests from all over the Splinterverse.

  • Weekend Challenge North America: Saturdays at 10pm ET (UTC-4)

  • Weekend Challenge Europe/Asia: Saturdays at 9am CET (UTC+2)

Anytime Tournaments

YGGSPL hosts alliance-only anytime tournaments each week. Each tournament has a 25,000 DEC prize pool and all leagues from Bronze to Diamond are represented.

Entry passwords for these private tournaments can be found in the YGGSPL Discord.

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